Services: Children’s Interactive Parties

Is your child looking for a unique way to celebrate his/her birthday or interested in gathering a group of friends for a cooking lesson? Make it special by hosting an interactive cooking experience at your house led by Personal Chef Sabine or Chef Keary. Each with a degree in education and a passion for healthy cooking, Chef Sabine and Chef Keary ensure that your child’s party will be an enjoyable, well structured culinary adventure that he/she will never forget.

*Please inform the chef of any allergies prior to the party*

We strives to accommodate ALL allergies so every child can be included. All themes are nut free, both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are dairy free and most themes have gluten free options.

Birthday Pricing

Pricing starts at $250 for up to 6 children. For additional children beyond 6, it is $25 per child.

Party includes:

  • 2 hours cooking time with Chef Sabine and groceries for themes listed*
  • Copy of the recipes for each child
  • Mini Whisk for each child 
  • Set up/ Clean up
  • *Choose from one of the themes or customize the experience by creating a theme special to your child.

*Additional charges may apply for travel and customized themes

Pizza Villa

Children create individual pizzas OR calzones by making a whole wheat pizza dough from scratch and taste testing ingredients to make their own pizza sauce. Also includes baking and decorating chocolate or vanilla cupcakes.

Taste of Italy

Children experience the versatility of pasta by making either individual lasagna roll-ups OR mini-spaghetti pies with turkey meatballs using whole wheat pasta and vegetable. Also includes baking and decorating chocolate or vanilla cupcakes.

Chinese Take Out

Children get creative forming crab rangoon OR pork/turkey baked wonton. They also make a delicious sauce for chicken broccoli stir fry with rice noodles. For dessert, each child makes a fortune to be folded into a homemade fortune cookie.


Children work together to make homemade taco seasoning which is then used in making taco lasagna made with whole wheat or corn tortillas, ground turkey and zucchini. Also includes baking and decorating chocolate or vanilla cupcakes.

Cake Decorating competition

We start off by whipping up the batter for our cakes. While the cakes cook and cool, they will make yogurt parfaits to snack on and work in pairs to start planning their cake designs. Once the cakes have cooled, the pairs decorate their cakes using a variety of candies and sprinkles and then present their cakes to the “judge”, Chef Sabine. Each pair wins an award and then they get to try a slice of their cakes!!

As an ADD-ON to the above listed themes: Cake Decorating Competition – Additional $10 per child

Instead of baking and decorating cupcakes for the themes listed above, the children work in pairs to decorate small cakes that they make from scratch. They describe their cakes to Chef Sabine and she awards each pair with a certificate for various categories- (most unique, most colorful, most fancy, etc)

*This requires an additional 30 minutes beyond the initial 2 hours for any of the themes listed


Work with Chef Sabine to customize a theme around your child’s favorite:food, toy, color, book, movie, vacation.

Private Cooking lessons

$175 plus the cost of groceries, $55 per additional person

  • 2 hours with Chef Sabine
  • 2-3 menu items
  • Copy of the recipes

Adult interactive cooking parties also available

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Sabine hosted a 6th birthday party for my daughter and seven of her friends and it was just perfect! Sabine was super organized and the kids adored her. The fact she has an elementary teaching background makes her the perfect person to throw children’s cooking parties. She uses so many of the strategies that she used as a teacher to manage the children and keep them on-task and excited to cook! I highly recommend Sabine for a child’s cooking party. Next time I think we are going to hire her for an adult cooking party.

Missy from Franklin