Personal Chef Services


Meal Prep Workshops

  Collect a group of friends, choose one of your kitchens to host in and together, in a party like atmosphere,  we will have fun preparing a week’s worth of meals to take home.


  • Huge time saver- No grocery shopping or cooking dinner for a week!
  • Take home3-5 healthy meals for your family 
  • Mostly organic ingredients
  • Add new ideas to your recipe repertoire 
  • Spend social time with friends
  • Learn some basic cooking skills to make meal prep more efficient
  • Gain knowledge on healthy substitutions and meal prep tips and tricks

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Full Meal Service

The Full Meal Service plan is a very convenient way to enjoy healthy, nutritious meals, prepared with only the freshest ingredients for your entire family. We plan the meals together, based on your families favorite foods. Picture this, “You arrive home, your refrigerator is stocked with 3 to 5 fully prepared meals complete with heating instructions, READY TO EAT and ENJOY!

This plan is a major time saver and is perfect for busy families that desire nutritious meals but have no time to plan, shop or cook.

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Children’s Interactive Parties

Is your child looking for a unique way to celebrate his/her birthday or interested in gathering a group of friends for a cooking lesson? Make it special by hosting an interactive cooking experience at your house led by Personal Chef Sabine. With a degree in education and a passion for healthy cooking, Chef Sabine ensures that your child’s party will be an enjoyable, well structured culinary adventure that he/she will never forget.

**Additional travel charges may apply

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It is without reservation that I recommend Sabine. She cooked in my parents home twice a week after my mother received a serious medical diagnosis. Her meals were healthy and full of flavor. Also, her presence in our home during a difficult time was so incredibly helpful. She was flexible, kind and immensely skilled. We worked together over email each week and she made meals and snacks and stocked my parents refrigerator based off recommendations and my mother’s restrictions. She was a true bright spot, that allowed my family to eat incredibly well!

Kate from NY/ Parents from Milford