Services: Meal Prep Workshops

   During these workshops, you and a group of friends will get to hang out and work together to create a set of healthy meals and/or snacks in under 2 and 1/2 hour.  Chef Sabine will demonstrate knife skills, introduce some helpful kitchen tools/gadgets, test out allergen free ingredients and discuss meal planning tips. When the cooking is complete, we will package up the meals for each participant to take home and enjoy stress free throughout the week or freeze for another time. Everyone will also receive a packet of the recipes to get you started with a meal planning routine. We can accommodate special diets and allergies.

  • Recommended number of participants: 6-9 people
  • Cost: Starts at $80 up to $185 per person- includes groceries (mostly organic ingredients) and most packaging materials
  • Take home 3- 5 healthy meals and/or snacks, 4-6 servings of each, recipe packet with MACROS 
  • Hostess Discount: 6-7 participants, receive $40 off, 8-9 participants, receive $80 off
  • Frequent “meal prepper” discount- $25 off every 3rd Meal Prep Workshop you attend

HOW IT WORKS to host in your kitchen:

  1. We set a date and time for your workshop, invite some friends and decide on a menu.
  2. A few days before the workshop I will email the group with final instructions and answer any last minute questions.
  3. On the day of your workshop I arrive about 30- 45 minutes early with the ingredients, equipment and copies of the menu and transform your kitchen into a culinary classroom. As we enter the kitchen, we will put on our aprons and spend about 2 to 2 and 1/2  hours preparing and packaging meals.
  4. You are left with a clean kitchen and delicious meals!

Sample Menus: 

*Meal Prep- Choose between 3-5 entrees and snack items
*Snack Prep- Choose 3 snack items (see snack menu below)
*Gluten free, nut free, and soy free and dairy free options available
*Swapping items between menus is possible and encouraged, please ask!!

1. Quinoa, turkey and vegetable stuffed peppers  
2. Teriyaki Chicken (using coconut aminos)
3. Beef (or turkey) and vegetable Chili 
4. Chicken cacciatore- onions, mushrooms and peppers
5. Breakfast Casserole- breakfast sausage, broccoli, spinach, onions

1. Spaghetti squash casserole with chicken sausage, broccoli, spinach and onion
2. Turkey or Beef bolognese with zucchini pasta
3. Chicken roulade (cutlet rolled with sundried tomato, spinach and parmesan)
4. Beef (or chicken) and Broccoli
5. Balsamic Dijon marinated chicken

1. Turkey Spinach Meatballs with zucchini pasta
2. Sunflower seed meatloaves with spinach (turkey or beef)
3. Chicken Lettuce Cups with scallions and shredded carrots
4. Chili Lime  marinated flank steak
5. White Chicken Chili

Vegetarian MENU
1. Baked steel cut oats
2. Black Bean and sweet potato chili
3. Chickpea and barley risotto
4. Veggie Spring rolls with “soy” lime dipping sauce
5. Southwest quinoa and veggie stuffed peppers

Family Friendly MENU
1. Chicken parmesan meatballs
2. Mexican lasagna (wheat or corn tortillas, choice of turkey or beef)
3. Coconut energy bites
4. Chicken fajitas with onions, red and yellow peppers
5. Beef or turkey bolognese

Carnivore MENU
1. Stuffed flank steak (prosciutto/provolone/spinach)
2. BBQ rubbed pork tenderloin
3. Beef or turkey chili
4. “Soy” balsamic glazed wings
5. Beef or turkey Meatballs

Snack Workshop Menu ideas:(pick 3 snack items)
1. Turkey Spinach Meatballs (GF, can be Dairy free)
2. Make your own egg cups (can be dairy free)
3. Morning glory muffins (contains nuts)
4. Chocolate sea salt protein bars (contains nuts)
5. Coconut energy bites (GF, can be nut free, dairy free)
6. Overnight Oats
7. Marinated chicken cutlets (choose from teriyaki, BBQ rub, balsamic dijon)

Other meal prep menu ideas available for swapping:

*zucchini turkey burgers
*Thai coconut chicken (marinade or slow cooker)
*chicken (or pork) and lemongrass meatballs with dipping sauce
*Moroccan Chicken (slow cooker)
*Beef (or chicken) picada (slow cooker)
*Chicken fajita soup (slow cooker)
*Mediterranean chicken (slow cooker)
*Chicken souvlaki (lemon, garlic, oregano) marinade
*Asian marinated shrimp (or chicken) egg roll in a bowl
*Apple onion dijon pork tenderloin (or chicken)
*Pesto chicken (or shrimp)
*Sweet potato chicken (or turkey) meatballs
*Buffalo chicken meatballs
*Beef (or turkey) taco casserole with cauliflower rice


Interactive Dinner Party

    Starting at $85 per person

  • 3 or 4 Course Dinner: We work in groups to create a gourmet meal from start to finish. After the prep is done you and your guests sit down to enjoy the delicious meal you created.
  • Appetizers: We work in groups to create and taste an assortment of appetizer

Please email Chef Sabine for more information.

Children’s Interactive Parties also available


Adult Interactive Parties

Adult Interactive Parties

Adult Interactive Parties

Wonderful night cooking with friends and learning new techniques for chopping and handling fresh herbs. Made delicious pesto for the first time. Figured out how to cook and use a spaghetti squash in a savory dish. My favorite part was using a new tool to create zucchini spirals and then mix up a fresh salad using the zucchini and pesto. Thank you Sabine for being patient with all of us and providing the opportunity to make five meals in less than 3 1/2 hours!

Robin from Northborough