Services: Personal Chef – Full Meal Service

This plan is a major time saver and is perfect for busy people that desire nutritious, homemade meals. I specialize in healthy/clean , kid friendly, allergen-conscious cooking and special diets. I offer a variety of packages to fit individual and family needs. This service is offered weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.


Should you decide to try my services:

  1. We would meet with you in your kitchen to fill out a questionnaire about your food preferences, including suggestions from nutritionists, personal trainers and criteria of special diets. This also gives us and opportunity to get the lay of the land. 
  2. We set your first cook date and create your first menu.  
  3. You get excited for your first cook date… the anticipation!!!! 
  4. PLUS, we cover the cost of groceries for your first cook date! 

We highly suggest clients try my service for at least 4 cook dates to allow time for me to adjust tastes and techniques to accommodate your preferences, but it is not a requirement.


On your cook date:

  1. We shop for the ingredients on the way to your house.
  2. We bring some of my basic equipment but will use your pots, pans and any other major appliances necessary to prepare your meals. It usually takes between 2-3 hours to prepare, cook, package and clean up.
  3. When you arrive home, you will find a refrigerator full of 3 to 5 fully prepared meals complete with heating instructions and a clean kitchen.


Service fee includes:

  • Personal attention to menu planning and dietary needs
  • Management of grocery budget
  • Grocery shopping for the freshest ingredients on your cook date
  • Preparation of 3-5 entrees and sides
  • Packaging of all menu items with detailed cooking or heating instructions
  • Kitchen clean-up


Entrée Only (4-6 servings of each entrée)

3 entrees only = starting at $280 + cost of groceries

4 entrees only = starting at $305 + cost of groceries

5 entrees only = starting at $330 + cost of groceries

Entrée and Side dishes (4-6 servings of each entrée and side)

3 entrees + sides = starting at $320 + cost of groceries

4 entrees + sides = starting at $355 + cost of groceries

5 entrees + sides = starting at $395 + cost of groceries

*sides included unless otherwise noted

Meal Prep by Chef Sabine

Meal Prep by Chef Sabine

Meal Prep by Chef Sabine

View the Sample Menu to get a taste of all of my popular recipes

*When additional time is needed for travel or to a specific grocery store, packaging (individual servings), special diets (menu planning/ research/ consultations with health professionals) an additional fee may be necessary. Not all special diets will incur a special diet fee.

Complimentary, no obligation Consultation

Let me know if you have any questions and if you would like to set up a consultation. This gives us time to talk over all the specifics of your needs and the various aspects of my service to see if this is a good fit for you. If you would like a list of references to call or email I can pass along that information as well.

Working with Sabine has been one the best things I have ever done for myself and my family.
Having someone plan, shop, prep, cook and clean makes eating healthy a snap. No matter what your nutrition needs are, Sabine can come up with a great menu that makes you feel like you are eating restaurant quality food every day of the week. Do yourself a favor and make Sabine’s Cuisines part of your weekly routine. The hours you will save can be used to spend quality time with your family , or doing the hundreds of other things you would rather do than prep and cook multiple meals. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Bonnie from Franklin, MA