Since becoming a personal chef 8 years ago it has been a “somewhat” private dream of mine to have my very own cooking show. I say “somewhat private” because I have not shared this dream with many, I think mostly because I never really thought it could happen and I was afraid it was something I might not be good at. I don’t like to fail and I have never felt very comfortable in front of a camera. So I kept it in the back of my head as a lingering thought and shared it on a rare occasion.
A few months ago I was talking with Bob Savin from Fitness Together. He and I were brainstorming how I could provide healthy meals to his clients. As part of our discussion he had mentioned something about doing a cooking show for WACA TV in Ashland, located next door to his studio. Suddenly this dream that had spent so much time lingering in the back of my head started working it’s way to the front.
Before I knew it I was meeting with the station manager, brainstorming a name for the show, and writing up an outline for the first episode. I was beyond excited…until I realized I had to fill 30 minutes with me talking to a camera!!! Yikes! That is when the nerves set in!!
I thrive off of interacting with others, I used to teach and entertain twenty-two 4th graders every day and I relied on their reactions and comments to keep our discussions lively and educational. It didn’t take me long to decide I needed a co-host, someone I could interact with, someone to ask me questions, someone to share ideas with. Who better to do that with than my twin sister, Bethany Hart Gerry. Her background as an Olympic Athlete and personal trainer, her history with clean eating and the fact that we shared a womb made her the obvious choice. We know each other’s thoughts, we can finish each others sentences, we both have a passion for healthy, clean eating. What more could I ask for!? Nothing!! All the pieces fell into place and my dream came true on December 11, 2015 with the taping of the inaugural episode.

Many thanks to Barbara Chisholm and Alison Rose of WACA TV, Bob Savin and to all of my friends and family!!! Without further adieu……….